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pyWings is a program written in the Python object-oriented programming language, using the Tkinter interface to the Tk GUI toolkit. pyWings allows you to 'consult' The Newwings Oracle.

The Newwings Oracle is a completely original oracle inspired by its author's early experiences with the chinese I Ching. Newwings has been released under The Open Content Licence by its author artwells. Newwings is also able to be consulted online at .

pyWings is copyrighted, freely available software published under the terms of the GNU General Public License, which can be viewed here.

Python and Tk are available for many different platforms, including Unix/Linux/X11, MacOs and Windows, and pyWings should be able to run on most of the platforms that Python and Tk support. However, development, and most of the testing of pyWings, have taken place on Linux, with a little testing on windows, so your milage on other platforms may vary. See the note on the download page about bug reports.

Notes on system requirements are available on the download page.

You can find out a little more about pyWings and some of its features by viewing pyWings's readme  file. Some screen  shots of pyWings in action, are also available. Visit the download page to get pyWings.


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